Tiger Wood’s Privacy Look Alike

Come experience the majestic beauty and rich Adriatic coastline of Croatia aboard the Nice ‘N Easy.


Stand out, Nice ‘N Easy, offers newly available luxury charters along the stunning Croatian coastline in the heart of Southern Europe during its 2010 summer tour of the Med.

Ever wonder how big-time celebrities like Tiger Woods get away from it all? You can now experience it for yourself aboard Nice ‘N Easy, a 157-foot luxury motor yacht that is the same model as–and nearly identical to—Tiger Wood’s 155-footer, Privacy. Custom built by Christensen Shipyards, Nice ‘N Easy was recently featured on Inside Edition and will be providing unparalleled charter excursions along the Mediterranean this summer.

Spacious and luxuriously decorated, Nice ‘N Easy features six stately cabins with en-suite bathrooms, custom-made walnut furniture and marble throughout, multiple decks with breathtaking 360-degree views, and can accommodate up to twelve comfortably. Expect to enjoy the utmost in privacy and personal service as you tour the romantic Mediterranean coastal waters and witness the scenic beauty and sunny climate of the Croatian islands.

Currently the only yacht of her class and size available for Florida charters, Nice ‘N Easy offers the very best in quality and personal service. To experience the finest in luxury travel, reserve your charter vacation today. Contact John Kohen with Merle Wood & Associates at:

Mobile: +1 954 647 8255
Email: jcohen@merlewood.com
Website: www.merlewood.com

Cruise the Majestic Croatian Coast

Cruise the Majestic Croatian Coast onboard of the

‘Nice N’ Easy’

Situated between Italy to the west and Montenegro to the east, Croatia is known for its abundant national parks and exceptional sailing opportunities. With an astonishing 5,800 km of coastline, and only a mere 66 km of that inhabited, Croatia has quickly become one of today’s most prized travel destinations. Its lush, unspoiled coastline of cliffs and reefs are also home to more than 350 various aquatic species and numerous modern marinas and ports. Add to that, an astonishing 1185 islands, crystal clear waters, secluded sandy coves, and quaint, romantic villages, and it is little wonder that this area of the Adriatic draws in thousands of new visitors each year.

Still, despite its growing popularity, Croatia offers its guests an array of untouched, beautiful landscape. With an attractive blend of modern-day amenities and old-world charm, as well as 7 World Heritage sites and warm, local hospitality, your Croatian vacation is sure to be one that is both memorable and carefree. If you want to experience true privacy and relaxation, Croatia, with its cool breezes and pristine, tranquil waters, is the place for you.

Enjoy a Higher Standard Of Excellence

Enjoy a Higher Standard of Excellence

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What better way to explore the charming mix of Western/Eastern European culture, stunning Mediterranean beaches, and diverse, scenic terrain of Croatia than aboard Nice ‘N Easy, a luxury yacht unlike any other.

Perfect for business, entertaining, and weddings, Nice ‘N Easy boasts a professional crew of 10, formal and al fresco dining, a lavish master suite on the main deck, 3 full bars, AC, gym equipment, Jacuzzi, and exhilarating water activities: 34’ sports boat (Mar Largo), 2 underwater scooters, 4 wave runners, jet skis, wakeboarding, and snorkel/scuba gear.

Nice N’ Easy’s Mar Largo

The Mar Largo

Mar Largo is also suitable for boat excursions to view up close all the lush natural beauty and abundant sea life that the South Adriatic has to offer.

Some of the magnificent marine animals you may experience during your Croatian voyage include the Bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s Dolphin, the Striped Dolphin, and several whale species such as the Fin Whale, Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, the Long-Finned Pilot, and the rare Sperm Whale. Also of interest to the avid diver is the diversity of stunning flora and fauna. Trained in the protection of ocean wildlife and delicate marine ecosystems, the Nice ‘N Easy crew is highly experienced at navigating in the water with these animals.